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"Falling pregnant with my first child, I became fascinated with the miracle happening inside my body.  How, from the nutrients I ate, came the building blocks of life, and a living breathing child could be constructed.  A brain, a heart, eyes - each an incredibly designed and miraculous thing in their own right, that I prayed with such intensity would function for the next 90 years or more.  I began to ask myself; if my body was designed to carry out this miracle - essentially using the foods I ate - what harm could be done by eating chemically laden, processed foods?  That passion for real food nutrition very quickly extended into what I was putting on my skin; the largest organ in my body.  I wanted to care for my skin without compromising my health by slathering endocrine disruptors and carcinogens all over it.  When I couldn't find a British brand I loved using 100% natural ingredients that I could understand and with the efficacy to see the difference, I made my own.  Inspired by the journey into motherhood that began with my daughter Eden, and by the importance of living a more natural, non toxic lifestyle akin to the garden; Eden's Daughter was born.  I started it to share my skincare with women who, like me, want to see results but don't want to compromise their health for beautiful skin."


I believe that natural doesn't need to mean compromise; the Earth has everything we need to thrive.  Our all natural skincare products focus on active ingredients that not only deliver results but are easy to understand. Our skin is our largest organ, designed to encase and protect; we should know what we are putting on our skin. Our ingredients are as pure as they are effective and are delivered in packaging that is not only beautiful but reusable too. Every product is carefully formulated and handmade in the Garden of England to bring genuine quality to those who share our reverence for the Earth we have so graciously been given.

All of our products use ingredients that are sustainable, organic and/or ethically harvested.  Naturally free from toxins, synthetic chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, GMOs and fillers.  We use zero synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils hand blended by us for their therapeutic properties and gorgeous scent . None of our ingredients are tested on animals, nor are our finished products; we're happy to continue testing on friends and family instead.

For more on sustainability at Eden's Daughter, read our dedicated blog post here.

Beautiful British Skincare without Compromise

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